Looking Ahead to a Dynamic Career

Winner of the Jack Webster Foundation student journalism award.

Journalism plays a crucial role in our world. It is not only a way to hold those in power accountable, but it helps society to move forward. Through exploring issues and bringing information to the public, it pulls people out of their own worlds, or causes them to look closer at something within them. This allows decisions that are made to be educated, and differing views to be heard and considered.

Through exposing new people, issues, and perspectives, journalism can contribute to greater tolerance in society, an understanding of why certain things are the way they are, and an opportunity for those things to be questioned.

Journalism makes a difference--that is the main reason I have chosen it as a career. It is a career that allows me to use my strengths of writing, researching, and speaking to fulfill a feeling of responsibility to the world we live in. Through journalism, I am determined to tell stories that truly make a difference to the people watching, listening to or reading them.

As a journalist, being able to learn about something new everyday--exploring an issue, or another way of life is not only exciting, but a privilege, and is another major reason I have decided to enter into the journalism field. Until applying for the BCIT Broadcast Journalism program in the spring of 2009, much of what I had achieved and enjoyed was related to journalism, and has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

I completed a degree at UBC in English Literature and Sociology in May of that year. Studying subjects in those areas fostered the ability to think critically about issues in society, and constant opportunity for practice in writing, researching, and presenting.

While writing for The Ubyssey student newspaper, I discovered I thrive on the challenge of digging for information, and working to meet a deadline. In working with other students on the newspaper, I found it satisfying to work as a team, and to be able to contribute my own piece to a collectively constructed puzzle.

As a broadcast journalist, I would like to cover news. My primary interest is in television reporting, though I would embrace the opportunity to work in radio with equal enthusiasm. After an internship at /A\ News, and two internships with CBC Vancouver, I have found I enjoy the challenge of gathering a daily story, and can see myself in that role.

Although the opportunities to produce longer-form pieces are more limited, this is also something I am aiming to do in my career. The digging that is required to produce a documentary or longer news story can be challenging, but with determination and persistence, can in the end, be incredibly gratifying.

My ultimate goal is to feel like I am helping to make people think about their world--whether through exploring a new perspective, issue, or providing a look into something they may otherwise know nothing about.

With an already growing resume of internships and achievements, the prospect of delving deeper into the journalism world is thrilling. Through UBC and BCIT, I have enjoyed my introduction to the industry, and am looking forward to a dynamic career ahead.

Photo by Jack Webster Foundation.

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