Radio: Community Grants, Federal Election & Libya Update

Christy Clark - Rennie Collection - Wing Sang Building - VancouverStephen Harper
I have Thursday’s major morning radio news updates for Evolution 107.9.

New Premier Christy Clark is expected to make a major announcement regarding funding for community grants.

It’s happening for the fifth time in a decade – Canadians are heading into a campaign to elect a Federal government.

France’s Foreign Minister says the international military operation against the forces of Moammar Gadhafi will not continue indefinitely.

Via BCIT. Photos by Kris Krüg & alexhebert1981.


Evolution Comment: Bribery May Attract Church Goers

Easter Eggs 2007OH Ada - Church of Christ
An Ohio Church is giving away money to bring people to the pews for Easter. It worked last year, but I think ultimately, an action like this will only serve in causing numbers to permanently dwindle. (1:15)

Via BCIT. Photos by David Swart & Scott Amus.

Radio: Budget Reaction, Japan Developments & Moammar Gadhafi

Earthquake and Tsunami damage-Fukushima Dai Ichi Power Plant, JapanMideast Libya
I have Wednesday’s morning news updates for Evolution 107.9.

All three opposition parties have said they do not support the new budget.

All workers at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant have had to leave after smoke started pouring from one of the six reactors.

Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi has made his first public appearance in a week.

Via BCIT. Photos by Digital Globe & BRQ Network.


Evolution Comment: B.C. Teachers Deserve a Raise

My Classroom, Ijob031.jpg
As contract talks get underway, B.C. teachers are pushing for higher wages, and issues like classroom composition and size to be addressed. I think it’s time they’re listened to. (1:10)

Via BCIT. Photos by Robert Pollack & prdtu.

Radio: Gas Prices, Education Talks & Iodide Pills

Libya, Libya News,libya travel,flights to libyaLAW_9888
I have Tuesday’s major morning radio news updates for Evolution 107.9.

Petroleum expert says he sees no end to high gas prices as long as unrest in Libya continues.

Education Minister George Abbott gets warm welcome from BCTF.

And price of iodide pills has nearly doubled since earthquake in Japan.

Via BCIT. Photos by George Abbott & Zaki Rimawi.


Radio: Fighter Jets in Libya, Hospital Expansion, Jeep Hits Teens

Jets overhead 2Christy Clark - Rennie Collection - Wing Sang Building - Vancouver
I have Monday’s major noon news radio updates for Evolution 107.9.

Canadian jet fighters gone to Libya to enforce no-fly zone.

Christy Clark at Surrey Memorial Hospital for ground breaking of new development.

A Merritt man has been arrested after his Jeep veered out of control, hitting four teens.

Via BCIT. Photos by Derek K. MillerKris Krüg.

Evolution Comment: Federal Prisoners Want Pay Raise

Prison Barbed WireUndercover(?) Cop Harasses Photographer in Calgary
A group of inmates at Agassiz Mountain Institution are hoping to form Canada’s first prison union, and if that happens, their wages while in prison could be eligible for union negotiation. Canada’s Public Safety Minister doesn’t support the idea of a wage increase. I hope that opinion doesn’t change. (1:32)

Via BCIT. Photos by Dana Gonzales & Robert Thivierge.